June 14th, 2023
Quality Candidates in Half the Time: My Journey with Paraform
Grace Turner
Talent and People Operations Manager @ Zeal
Hi, I’m Grace, Lead Recruiter and People Operations Manager at Zeal - a VC-backed fintech in San Francisco. I recently had the opportunity to hire through Paraform’s platform and would love to share some of my thoughts.
We are a modern, embedded payroll provider that helps empower companies to build their own unique payroll service. On top of our easy-to-use payroll API, we are pioneering an all-inclusive tax engine to democratize a broken and cumbersome process providing accessibility to small, medium, and large businesses and helping Americans get paid.
Our mission is to empower companies to become their own fintech company using our simple, seamless, and forward-thinking payroll technology.
Typically I am skeptical about new recruiting services that promise quality candidates. But from the first conversation with the team over at Paraform, all my worries quickly dissipated and I quickly became an advocate.
We were looking to hire a San Francisco-based Senior PM with payments specific + start-up experience. Paraform’s team onboarding process took all but 5 mins and after 24 hours, I had already received several quality candidates who, to my amazement, met each requirement for the Senior PM role.
Within 1 week of using the platform, we had a pipeline of 10 quality intro calls scheduled. Working with other recruiting platforms, the typical onboarding process and in-take meetings took up to 2 weeks, and then another 1-2 weeks to start seeing candidates enter the pipeline.
In recruiting - time is money and often times it feels like we are spending money aimlessly while we wait for candidates to be interested.
Check out the role page they generated for us: Senior Product Manager
In general, I think Paraform could be a great tool for any startup looking to hire quality candidates ASAP and especially if:
1. You are busy and don’t have time to personally source candidates
2. You have a niche role with stringent requirements
3. You are looking to fill an senior/leadership role where you want to tap into a specific candidate network
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