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Easily find and connect with the best candidates for Paraform roles with Apollo's end to end recruiting platform. With a database of over 250 million candidates, expands your reach beyond job boards and social networks. Search with speed, target with precision, and increase your talent pipeline with access to a wider breadth of quality candidates.
With Paraform's integration with Apollo, it only takes a few clicks to source and send a candidate to a role you're recruiting for.
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What Paraform recruiters have to say about Apollo
K. Sue Hurst
Director of Talent Aquisition
I like how easy Apollo is to use. I also like that the contacts are always up to date with the correct information. I have used many tools as a recruiter and this is my favorite.
Pinki Ruhela
HR Talent Acquisition
I really like using Apollo as it is very easy to use. It serves both the purposes for lead creation and email tracking. Also it allows me to communicate better with my candidates as I can track my communication and improvise accordingly.
Alex Harris
Recruitment Executive
Apollo is really making it simple to connect with the right candidate and client which is really important for a recruiter. Loved the extension and how user friendly it is.
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