Source candidates with the Paraform Extension
Easily source and manage candidates from Linkedin with Paraform's Recruiter Chrome Extension.
Recruit effortlessly
Recruiting with the Paraform Chrome Extension
Easily manage candidates you source from Linkedin within your dashboard.
Send AI-generated personalized outreach messages to your candidates.
Submit candidates to the Paraform roles you're recruiting for with a single click.
Streamline your recruiting
Why use the Paraform Extension?
We’ve created this Chrome Extension to make recruiting as easy as possible. Our Paraform sourcing tool now allows you to source candidates from Linkedin and manage them within your dashboard. It's a great way to start recruiting for any role and seamlessly submit candidates you source to Paraform. To get started, add the extension to your Chrome browser and start sourcing candidates in seconds.
Recruit with the Paraform Extension
Start sourcing and recruiting candidates from Linkedin with the Paraform Extension.