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Jason Yeager
Recruited for Neurosity
+ $5,000
“I had a great experience using Paraform to help Neurosity find a social media lead. They were an early stage hardware company so I had to get creative but also laser focused with my sourcing. I made sure to try and only refer candidates that I would also hire if I was the hiring manager. That helped me send 6 candidates to the interview stage! I was really impressed by the hiring manager's response time at each step and her feedback helped me make better referrals. It also helped me ensure the candidate experience was great. If you're a recruiter who's looking for a side hustle, there are millions of dollars in referral bonuses to be claimed on Paraform - I recommend you to check it out!"
Tamara La'croix
Recruited for B2B SaaS Startup (YC S22)
+ $10,000
"I would have to say I was skeptical at first. It was just a website with a bunch of open roles and I didn't even know there were real people behind this. Since they had some Linkedin presence, I took a leap of faith and went ahead to make a few referrals. The next day I got an email saying one of my candidates were in-review. I submitted a few more engineering candidates that I sourced from tech communities and was fortunate to close the deal in slightly less than a month's time! I still remember getting paid $20k (which is much more than I made at my previous recruiting job!) and i'm super grateful for everyone that helped along the way - including Paraform's customer support team. If you put some time and effort for the first couple months you sign up, I think any decent recruiter will get the hang of it and earn on Paraform - super glad I came across them!
Crystal Wang
Recruited for Fintech Startup (YC W20)
+ $7,500
“It was not the easiest requisition of my career but I had a lot of fun helping a Fintech company (and their founders) that recently went through Y Combinator hire a talented Founding Engineer.   Paraform provided me with access to a lot of useful recruiting and communication tools that made it easy to stay organized and track my progress. But what stood out the most to me was the referral bonus I received for my efforts. It was a significant amount ($10k) and it shows how much the company on Paraform value and appreciate the recruiters that work with them. I would highly recommend Paraform to any recruiter looking to connect with top-tier talent, help innovative companies grow their team and earn generous referral bonuses.”
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