Refer a startup

Invite a startup to post a role Paraform and earn up to $2,500

Jeffrey Li

By Jeffrey Li

Know a startup that needs help hiring? Refer them to Paraform and earn up to $2,500 for their first hire.

0. The ideal startup

We're generally open to any startup that's hiring, but here's a few things we look for:

  • Pre-seed to Series B - We're focused on helping early-stage startups hire their first employees
  • Software engineers - A lot of our recruiters and tooling is built for software engineer hiring
  • Niche role - We're confident we can help startups hire for harder-to-fill or niche roles
  • Recently raised - If a startup has recently raised, they're more likely looking to scale their team quickly

These are just a few things we look for, but we're open to speaking with any startup that might be looking for external recruiting help.

1. Invite a company

If you know anyone that's hiring (hiring managers, founders, etc.) you can let them know how Paraform can help them hire better candidates. If you're curious who in your network might be a good fit, you can view your Linkedin connections. If you find someone that might be a good fit, here's a few links you can send them:

If someone is interested, you can send them a link to our calendar for us to schedule a demo with them: Please also email a confirmation to so we can track your referral.

2. Get paid

After we finish the demo with the startup you refer, the status should be updated in your dashboard. If they hire someone through Paraform, we'll pay you 20% of the Paraform bounty for that role up to $2,500.

Note: Ensure your payments are properly set up to receive your referral bonus.