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We're not just another recruiting agency, job board or embedded talent solution. We’re a marketplace.
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We've built a marketplace designed for anyone – technical recruiters, engineers, designers, etc – to recruit for startups. This enables startups to quickly tap into an extensive network of candidates at scale without compromising on quality.
Using Paraform has been a game-changer for our recruiting process. We've been able to interview candidates we wouldn't have been able to find otherwise through traditional recruiting channels.
Zihao Zhang
CTO, Zeet
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Paraform’s extensive network is vetted and trained to ensure you only receive interview-ready candidates.
Price on your terms by choosing a bounty that works for you and only pay for the candidates you hire.
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Grace Turner
Talent & People Operations Manager
“We were looking to hire a San Francisco-based Senior PM with payments specific + start-up experience. Paraform’s team onboarding process took all but 5 mins and after 24 hours, I had already received several quality candidates who, to my amazement, met each requirement for the Senior PM role.”
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Min Kim
Co-founder, Airfoil
“Paraform got us quality leads faster than any other recruiting platform we’ve used. As a global company, we’ve relied on developing networks of recruiters around the world ourselves, which incurred a lot of overhead. Paraform essentially did all that and more, all without us needing to hands-on manage the process, and made it easy to hire across multiple locales and job descriptions without needing to grow a large recruiting team in-house.”
Chief of Staff, Syndica
“I'm always amazed at how quickly Paraform refers and sends us qualified candidates for the multiple roles we're hiring for, from backend engineers to site reliability engineers. We tried many different recruiting solutions but Paraform was the only one that nailed both volume + quality. We like the candidates referred so far and will continue to use them for critical roles! They're killing it!”
Alex Masmej
Founder, Showtime
“Paraform has done an excellent job at helping us find and hire top talent. I highly recommend them to any founder who is serious about growing their team.”
Kyle Morris
Co-founder @ Banana
“Paraform’s marketplace is designed for quality. I specified exactly what I wanted, and recruiters with ratings, trust scores and aligned incentives reached out to their network and only referred candidates that met these criteria.”
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Dave Kolas
Founding Engineer, Steamship
“Working with Paraform has been fantastic. We started receiving great candidates within a few days, and that high-quality pipeline allowed us to be selective about hiring someone who was a perfect fit. The Paraform team makes working with a whole network of recruiters as seamless as working with one individual. All of this was delivered at a very competitive price.”
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Co-founder, Azuki
“As a metaverse startup, we needed to hire a great art director. 2 days after posting our role on Paraform, we got a referral to an Emmy-winning art director from Netflix - I was impressed”
Lang Mei
“Prior to using Paraform, we worked with 3 recruiting agencies that 90% of the time brought us sub-par candidates. With Paraform, it's a whole different story. The team from the start understood exactly what kind of candidates we were looking for and brought them our way. This made our recruiting process significantly more efficient and rapid as we only focused on interviewing the best talent.”
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