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We've built a highly specialized and extensive network of startup recruiters. You only work with recruiters who have the most experience recruiting for roles like yours, no matter how niche.
Manage and flex with ease
Track recruiter performance and scale up or down the number of recruiters you engage with. Communicate and collaborate all in one place.
A new way to hire
All recruiters on Paraform are vetted with years of startup recruiting experience. We'll handle matching you with the right recruiters for your needs.
Scale up or down the number of recruiters you engage with depending on demand. Whether you need 1 or 10 recruiters, we've got you covered.
Gain visibility into your all recruiter performance in one place. Track activity, communication, candidates, prevent duplicate outreach, and much more.
Only pay for what you agree on with recruiters (contingency, retainer, hourly). We'll handle all the billing and invoices so you can focus on hiring.
Choose from 20+ integrations to connect your existing ATS and keep all candidates on Paraform in-sync with your internal hiring process.
No matter how bespoke your hiring needs are, we'll work with you and our vetted recruiters to build a solution that fits your needs.
We knew we would have to interview many qualified Engineering Leaders before we found the perfect fit. Working with multiple recruiters on Paraform increased our qualified top of funnel by 5x and allowed us to make the hire in 2 months.
Corey Stein, VP of Engineering, Hightouch
We used Paraform to hire for one of our toughest searches yet (Staff Mechanical Engineer). We picked Paraform because it allowed us to scale our outbound recruiting efforts and reach top-tier mechanical engineers we wouldn't have been able to otherwises.
Jordan Zimmerman, Talent Acquisition Lead, Eight Sleep
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Paraform’s recruiters are vetted and have years of startup recruiting experience. We only work with the best.
Choose the plan that works for you and only pay for what you agree on with recruiters (contingency, retainer, hourly).
Onboard a role and instantly get matched with highly vetted recruiters. Start receiving candidates in your inbox within a day.
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What hiring managers have to say
Raj Tilwa
Co-founder @ Beam
“Before we discovered Paraform, our hiring process was somewhat hit or miss. Sure, we'd post on LinkedIn and work with traditional recruiters, but the quality of candidates we saw was inconsistent. After onboarding to Paraform, the improvements were striking.”
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Grace Turner
Talent & People Operations Manager
“We were looking to hire a San Francisco-based Senior PM with payments specific + start-up experience. Paraform’s team onboarding process took all but 5 mins and after 24 hours, I had already received several quality candidates who, to my amazement, met each requirement for the Senior PM role.”
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Kyle Morris
Co-founder @ Banana
“Paraform’s marketplace is designed for quality. I specified exactly what I wanted, and recruiters with ratings, trust scores and aligned incentives reached out to their network and only referred candidates that met these criteria.”
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Chris W.
VP of Operations, Pipedream labs
“Paraform has helped us reach candidates we didn’t even realize were in the market. I mostly appreciate the effort to refining the funnel so that every person we interviewed was top quality.”
Chief of Staff, Spatial Labs
“I'm always amazed at how quickly Paraform refers and sends us qualified candidates for the multiple roles we're hiring for, from backend engineers to site reliability engineers. We tried many different recruiting solutions but Paraform was the only one that nailed both volume + quality. We like the candidates referred so far and will continue to use them for critical roles! They're killing it!”
Joel Joseph
Co-founder @ Atomus
“We found candidates that we were really happy with on Paraform. One of the candidates we hired was a top performer, wasn't even looking for a job, and a recruiter on Paraform reached out to him based on his personal network. These are the types of candidates that are really hard to hire without that relationship”
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Anya Skomorokhova
Co-founder @ PorterLogic
“We needed a recruiter to find candidates, however I did not want to commit to just one agency, since I've had mixed results before. Paraform deployed over a dozen recruiters on my behalf. For me I saw it as low-risk, low-effort, and high output.”
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Dave Kolas
Founding Engineer, Steamship
“Working with Paraform has been fantastic. We started receiving great candidates within a few days, and that high-quality pipeline allowed us to be selective about hiring someone who was a perfect fit. The Paraform team makes working with a whole network of recruiters as seamless as working with one individual. All of this was delivered at a very competitive price.”
Min Kim
Co-founder, Airfoil
“Paraform got us quality leads faster than any other recruiting platform we’ve used. As a global company, we’ve relied on developing networks of recruiters around the world ourselves, which incurred a lot of overhead. Paraform essentially did all that and more, all without us needing to hands-on manage the process, and made it easy to hire across multiple locales and job descriptions without needing to grow a large recruiting team in-house.”
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