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April 2, 2024

Top 10 free tools for recruiters

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

Being a top recruiter requires the right skill set and the right tools to attract candidates and win clients at speed.

However adding new tools to your toolkit can be expensive, especially on top of the operational costs of running your recruitment agency.

Nevertheless, there are many great tools you can implement that will add great value to your recruitment process, all without spending a penny.

Here are the top 10 free tools for recruiters.

1. ChatGPT


ChatGPT remains the top dog for free tools and tools overall. Recruiters can use it for an abundance of tasks like writing job descriptions, candidate messages, outreach emails, and even resume reviewing and shortlisting.

Be sure to check out our blog for 30 ChatGPT prompts for recruiters.

The tool is completely free

2. RecruiterGPT


RecruiterGPT is a free tool that allows you to source candidates 3x faster and get twice as many responses using Generative AI. The tool is a Chrome extension that plugs directly into LinkedIn and helps you scour the platform for candidates based on a few keywords that you input.

It has its own boolean search and will read entire profiles in milliseconds, enabling you to find candidates faster.

3. Briskine


Briskine is a free browser extension that allows you to create templates and keyboard shortcuts for writing emails, messages, and forms. Briskine lets you build email and LinkedIn templates with a few shortcuts of a keyboard, speeding up the time it takes to write.

The free version comes with 30 free templates to create and use.

4. is a handy website that has valuable data on compensation ranges for recruiters to reference.

It gives you data on the salaries of virtually any job position and shows you which companies are offering what.

5. is a tool that tracks all the recent tech layoffs and gives recruiters contact information on all the recently laid-off candidates.

It shows you real-time data on everything you need to know about top candidates who’ve just been made available.

6. Buffer


Buffer is a social media automation tool that lets you schedule all of your social media posts in one place and lets you plan for months ahead.

It helps you schedule, publish, and analyze your content on LinkedIn, X, Google, Meta, and more.


Otter AI
Otter AI is a tool designed to transcribe and take notes on audio recordings in real time and convert speech into text as you record meetings, lectures, interviews, or even casual conversations, allowing you to focus on the discussion without worrying about taking notes.

It also syncs up to your Google calendar and automatically joins meetings, summarizing key discussion points.

8. Canva


Canva is a free graphic design platform that empowers anyone to create social media content, forms, presentations, resumes, posters, and even web pages without design experience.

Canva offers a free plan with more than enough features for recruiters.

9. SpeechTexter


SpeechTexter is a simple Chrome extension that allows you to instantly transcribe all your notes and documents by voice.

The text-to-speech app lets you automate large chunks of your work by speaking instead of typing. So if you're a fast talker, you’re in great hands.

10. DataMiner

Data Miner
Data Miner

Data Miner is a tool that lets you easily scrape data from single or multiple web pages, such as contact information, emails, phone numbers, and more. You’ll then be able to download the data into a CSV file ready to be uploaded into your CRM or ATS.

You can go to popular websites, like Crunchbase, that will give you an abundance of company data and you can scrape that data with DataMiner.

Happy recruiting!

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