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February 27, 2024

LinkedIn Recruiter pricing: how much it costs in 2024

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

LinkedIn Recruiter is the holy grail of recruitment. It is an add-on platform by LinkedIn that allows recruiters to search, find, and engage with over 880 million candidates.

LinkedIn offers three different recruitment packages, Lite, Professional, and Corporate. Choosing a package depends on your team size and recruitment goals.

However, with much of LinkedIn’s tools, there’s a ton of mystery surrounding its pricing. So let’s get into it.

What is LinkedIn Recruiter? 

LinkedIn Recruiter is a premium talent search and engagement platform offered by LinkedIn specifically designed for professional recruiters. It goes beyond the basic functionalities of a regular LinkedIn profile, providing access to powerful search and messaging features and insights to help you source, connect with, and attract top talent. Some of the benefits include:

Advanced search & filters:

  • Go beyond keyword searches with 20+ additional filters.
  • Target candidates based on specific skills, experience, education, company size, industry, and more.
  • Discover "Open to work" and "Active talent" profiles who are receptive to new opportunities.

Direct candidate outreach:

  • Send InMails, personalized messages to any LinkedIn member, even if they're not connected to you.
  • Send bulk messages to candidates using pre-crafted templates.
  • Access candidate contact information (with their consent) for better engagement.


  • Share projects, searches, profiles, and notes with your team members.
  • Track your recruitment pipeline and candidate interactions.
  • Analyze candidate data and data on the hiring process.

Additional Benefits:

  • Access to 880+ million LinkedIn profiles, in the general search, with detailed professional information.
  • Receive recommended matches based on your search criteria.
  • Post jobs directly on LinkedIn with enhanced visibility and candidate sourcing tools.

LinkedIn Recruiter packages

The recruiter package comes in three tiers. Here are some key differences between them:


  • Network access visibility: Up to 3rd-degree connections
  • Search filters: 20+ filters
  • Search alerts: 10
  • InMail messages: 30


  • Network access visibility: Up to your 3rd-degree connections, with an additional 30 out-of-network unlocks per month
  • Search filters: 40 search filters with a few advanced filters such as tenure at company and skill assessments
  • Search alerts: 50
  • InMail messages: 100


  • Network access visibility: Full access to all profiles
  • Search filters: All search filters
  • Search alerts: 50
  • InMail messages: 150

Pricing factors

LinkedIn reserves different price points for different recruitment organizations. Much of their offer is only revealed after an appointment with their sales and product team. The team ascertains what your organization is and what your recruitment goals are and then decides on what to charge you based on the following:

  • Number of licenses: The price of LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate and Recruiter Lite depends on the number of licenses your company needs for its recruiters. The more licenses you need the bigger your discount will be.
  • Location: Pricing also varies by location due to local market considerations and currency fluctuations.
  • Industry and company size: Larger companies and those in specific industries are offered different pricing as LinkedIn ascertains growth potential and market scarcity.

LinkedIn Recruiter price

The prices of the recruitment packages are as follows:

  1. Lite: $170/month (single license), $270/month per license (licenses 2 - 5)


$1,680/year (single license)

$2670/year per license (licenses 2 - 5)

  1. Professional: $800 per month ($9,600 a year).
  2. Corporate: $1080 per month ($12,960 a year).

    The price data is from interviews with recruitment agencies as of February 2024.

Additional costs

There are a couple of other costs you should consider besides purchasing a Recruiter License from LinkedIn.

  • InMails: If you need additional InMail credits after you reach your monthly limit, you’ll have to buy them at $10 per InMail.
  • Job posting: Posting a job on LinkedIn is free but the job post will not rank on the first page and will only appear in limited searches. If you want to increase your visibility for your job, you’ll have to promote it by buying promoted posts and setting your budget. The higher the budget the higher your job post will rank.


LinkedIn Recruiter is designed to help you source and engage with a candidate pool of 880 million, however, the price of LinkedIn Recruiter can make it seem impossible when you’re starting out, so make sure you build your network with as many free connection invites as possible and practice inbound marketing strategies that will elevate your candidate acquisition game.

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