Candidate Calibration

Candidate Calibration

Jeffrey Li

By Jeffrey Li

Review and rate candidates your recruiters source to help them calibrate their search. You're able to view all context recruiters have provided along with each candidate such as recruiter notes, their resume, Linkedin, email, etc. We recommend leaving detailed feedback on a wide range of candidates profiles to give recruiters the most accurate insights.

Note: These candidates have not yet been submitted and have only been sourced from recruiters via our Chrome extension. Once the candidate has expressed interest, the recruiter will officially submit them for your review.

When reviewing your sourced candidates, they can appear in the following states. If a candidate hasn't been rated by you yet, an option will appear to rate them as a good or bad fit. When rating them, we recommend being as detailed as possible with feedback.

  • Calibration requested: These are candidates that the recruiter has sourced and is requesting specific feedback on before officially submitting.
  • Not rated: These are candidates who have been sourced and haven't been rated by you yet.
  • Good fit: Candidates you've rated a good fit for this role.
  • Bad fit: Candidates you've rated a bad fit for this role. We require providing a reason why in order to better help recruiters calibrate.
  • Suggested candidates: Suggested candidates are submitted by recruiters you haven't approved yet. If you'd like to interview this candidate, you can approve this recruiter and allow them to submit candidates.

Recruiter's are notified instantly via email when you rate and review any candidate. We recommend reviewing a few candidates per recruiter to both calibrate their understanding and to keep them engaged with recruiting for you.

Utilize Analytics and Breakdown to get an overview of overall sourcing activity and insights into the types of candidates you like and don't like.