Connect your Ashby account with Paraform

Jeffrey Li

By Jeffrey Li

Integrating your Ashby with Paraform allows you to associate candidates, roles and interview stages between Paraform and your ATS. Updates you make in your ATS will also be reflected on Paraform and vice versa, keeping Paraform recruiters informed with the most up-to-date status of their candidates.

Connect to Ashby

Navigate to the Dev Center in Ashby and create a new API key. Select Paraform as a Integration Partner and paste the API key into the Paraform integration settings.

Add API key
Add API key

After the API key has been created, choose Select all to enable all permissions. If there's specific data you'd like to restrict access to, you can choose to select only the permissions you're comfortable sharing and can let us know to ensure the integration will still work as expected.

You can now connect specific roles in Ashby to Paraform and keep items like role stages, notes, candidates and other relevant information in sync.

How does it work?

When you connect a role in Ashby to Paraform, we'll automatically sync the following information:

  • Interview Stages: The stages in your Ashby role will be reflected in Paraform.
  • Candidates: Candidates submitted in Paraform will be added to the Ashby role and all updates to the candidate will be reflected in Paraform.
  • Scorecards: Scorecard feedback and notes will be sent to the respective recruiter in Paraform.

With this integration, it also prevents Paraform recruiters from reaching out to candidates who are already in your Ashby, reducing the risk of duplicate outreach. We do this by cross referencing candidate Linkedin profiles and names and notify recruiters via our Chrome extension.


If you're having trouble connecting your Ashby account, please contact us via Slack or email.