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April 21, 2024

How many connection requests can you send on LinkedIn

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

LinkedIn reigns supreme as a platform for building connections. But as recruiters, we're always trying to send as many requests as possible to expand our network.

However, LinkedIn has a limit on connection requests.

Here, we'll go over LinkedIn's connection request limits and equip you with strategies to optimize your outreach.

The limit

While the exact limit remains undisclosed, most users can expect to send somewhere between 80-100 connection requests per week.

This number is slightly higher for those with a higher Social Selling Index score, at 100-120 per week.

How can I get more connections on LinkedIn?

Although no one can bypass the connection request limit beyond more than 120 per week, there are some organic methods of getting more connections on LinkedIn.

  • Target the right people: Research and identify individuals who align with your industry, interests, and goals. Sending personalized connection requests with a clear value proposition is more effective than mass invites.
  • Optimize your profile: Craft a compelling profile that showcases your expertise and value. Use relevant keywords, highlight your achievements, and personalize your headline and summary to grab attention.
  • Engage with content and people: Actively participate in relevant groups and discussions on LinkedIn. Share insightful content, comment on others' posts, and engage in meaningful conversations. This establishes your expertise and makes you more visible to others.
  • Join LinkedIn groups: Actively participate in relevant LinkedIn Groups. Participating in group discussions and sharing valuable content positions you as an expert and increases your visibility within the group, leading to potential connections.
  • Get Recommendations and Endorsements: Request recommendations from colleagues, clients, or satisfied connections. Positive endorsements add credibility to your profile and make you more attractive to potential connections.

How can I optimize my LinkedIn profile?

Your LinkedIn profile is your digital storefront–after all, it’s the biggest networking platform with close to a billion users. Start with the basics and optimize your profile first.

  • Headline: Ditch the generic and showcase your value proposition ("Helping Cybersecurity startups on the East Coast find their game-changers").
  • Profile Photo: Opt for a professional, approachable headshot–use an AI editor tool if you need to.
  • Summary: Share your story, passion, and expertise in an engaging narrative. Write no more than a 400-word summary about your experience, niche, and why you’re passionate about it.
  • Experience: Detail your achievements and quantify your impact ( "Placed 20+ software engineers in leading Edtech companies across the West Coast").
  • Recommendations: Gather as many endorsements as you can from satisfied clients and candidates. Give others recommendations too in return.
  • Use keywords: Use relevant keywords in your profile to help potential clients and candidates find you. On LinkedIn, it will read something like John Smith talks about #ai #machinelearning #robotics #recruitment just under your name.

The goal of LinkedIn isn't just to rack up connections. It's about building genuine relationships with people who can add value to your professional network. There's no point having 10,000 connections if that's all there is.

By focusing on quality outreach and engagement, you can navigate LinkedIn's connection request limits and cultivate a network that propels you forward in your career.

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