Role Setup

Role Setup

Jeffrey Li

By Jeffrey Li

This is the starting point when onboarding your role and contains the most important information recruiters need to get started working with you.

Role details

Some important pointers when filling out these details:

  • Role name - The name you choose greatly affects a recruiter's search and types of candidates they source
  • Salary range - We're always here to help you with calibrating this range based on the market rates


The most important traits you'd like to see in candidates. These requirements are for recruiters, not candidates, so you should be as transparent as possible with the type of candidates you'd like. The more specific you are, the easier it is for recruiters to source and screen candidates.

You have the option to label requirements as Optional, Required, and Deal breakers. Feel free to also drag and drop requirements to order them in priority to your liking.

Interview stages

Interview stages are required to help recruiters and candidates understand the interview process. Being detailed and transparent about each interview stage help when recruiters pitch candidates and prevents unnecessary questions in the future.

If you have an ATS connected, please link each stage to the associated stage for that role in your ATS so that we can keep candidates in-sync both ways as they move through stages.