Email Sync (Recruiters)

Email Sync (Recruiters)

Send emails without leaving Paraform. Compose, reply, syncing and more.

Jeffrey Li

By Jeffrey Li

Connect your Gmail to Paraform and send emails to sourced candidates and sync all email communication.

Syncing a new account

  • Navigate to Settings and click Connect under the Gmail integration section
  • Authorize Paraform to access and sync your emails. Remember to check Read, compose and send emails permissions when prompted by Google.
  • After connecting, you'll be redirected back and all emails you have associated with candidates on Paraform will begin syncing with your inbox. Paraform will only read and sync emails with sourced candidates who have an email address you've added.
  • Email syncing may take up to an hour and going forward, emails will continue to stay in sync.

Sending emails

Once you've synced your account, you can now compose emails to candidates without leaving Paraform. To send an email to a candidate, click Compose Email from within any sourced candidate.

After pressing send, the email will be automatically sent from your email address and all subsequent emails will stay in-sync.

Going forward, you'll be able to view all email threads and also reply to any email in the thread.

Note: Paraform takes the security of your data and our infrastructure very seriously. We are committed to providing an environment that is safe, secure, and available to all of our customers all the time.