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April 1, 2024

Top 8 meeting scheduling tools for recruiters

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

The recruitment process is a whirlwind. Between sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and managing offers, scheduling meetings can easily become a time-consuming black hole.

However, there is a wave of innovative meeting scheduler tools here to save your sanity, keep organized, and avoid multiple back-and-forths when scheduling meetings.

Here are the top 8 meeting scheduling tools for recruiters.

1. Calendly


Calendly remains a popular choice for its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Recruiters can create personalized scheduling links showcasing available interview slots.

Candidates can then self-schedule, eliminating the dreaded back-and-forth emails. Plus, Calendly integrates seamlessly with popular calendar platforms, ensuring everything stays synced.

2. Doodle


Doodle excels at finding the perfect meeting time for everyone involved. Recruiters can create polls with different interview options and share them with candidates.

Each candidate marks their availability, and Doodle finds the most suitable time slot, eliminating the need for endless email exchanges and ensuring both parties are accommodated.

3. Goodtime


Goodtime is a dedicated interview scheduling platform specifically designed for recruiters. It goes beyond simply scheduling and allows you to set up automated interview workflows, allowing candidates to self-schedule after passing the initial screening stages.

If you’re an in-house recruiter, the platform can integrate into your ATS and automatically match candidates with suitable interviewers based on skills and experience.

4. OnceHub


OnceHub offers robust scheduling features for recruitment teams. You can set up different interview types with specific durations and multiple participants.

The platform allows for team scheduling and an automated chatbot that knows your schedule and can suggest times. OnceHub also offers advanced features like automated interview confirmation emails and candidate surveys.

5. Rooster


Rooster simplifies scheduling interviews with hiring managers. Hiring manager can integrate their calendars with Rooster, displaying real-time availability. The platform then sends automated confirmation emails and text message reminders, keeping everyone on track.

Rooster also has a mobile integration feature where you can send interview invitations directly to the candidate's mobile phone, where they can choose to accept or decline on the spot, without the risk of it ending up in a spam folder.

6. VidCruiter


VidCruiter goes beyond just scheduling. It's a comprehensive recruitment platform that allows you to create scheduling links, conduct video interviews, and manage the entire interview process.

Recruiters can pre-record interview questions and share them with candidates for asynchronous video interviews. VidCruiter also provides features for candidate assessment and feedback management.

7. SmartRecruiter’s Meetings


For those already using (or considering) SmartRecruiters as their ATS, the built-in Meetings feature is a valuable asset.

You can schedule interviews directly within the ATS platform and give candidates an easy option to schedule interviews, eliminating the need to switch between tools.

SmartRecruiters also facilitates video interviews directly from the ATS, so you can keep everything in one place without needing to switch over to Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams.

8. Appointlet


Appointlet is a meeting scheduling tool that integrates with your calendar and CRM and allows you to simply schedule interviews and meetings.

The platform also allows you to create a custom form for candidates to fill out and will automatically arrange interviews based on the answers.

The tools are free to start, offering a paid option with further features. However, the starter/basic option is more than enough to suffice.

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