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Whether you're a seasoned HR professional, a recruitment specialist, or an aspiring talent acquisition leader, podcasts offer a convenient and accessible way to gain insights and learn from experts in the field.

Here's a list of the top 12 recruitment podcasts that deserve a spot in your playlist.

1. Recruiting Future

Hosted by Matt Alder, this podcast explores the future of recruitment and talent acquisition, featuring interviews with thought leaders, practitioners, and technology innovators.

2. The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Join Chad Sowash and Joel Cheesman for candid discussions on the latest news, trends, and technologies shaping the recruitment industry, sprinkled with humor and irreverence.

3. RecruiterCast

Join hosts and long-time industry experts Dave Webb and John Perton on a journey behind the scenes of the modern recruiting economy. Tune in to RecruiterCast for practical advice, tips, and strategies to improve your recruitment skills and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition.

4. Recruitment Entrepreneurs

Hosted by, Sean Mallapurkar of Recruit CRM, its episodes are filled with interesting headhunting lessons you can take away from recruitment entrepreneurs worldwide.

5. The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

Hung Lee’s famous recruitment podcast is a must-listen. An OG in the recruitment world, join him as he navigates the current trends in talent acquisition today.

He also has a weekly newsletter, Recruiting Brainfood, that packs a punch for any recruiter out there.

6. Talent Takeover Unfiltered

Join Brianna Rooney, CEO of Thriversity, as she shares stories of her life as a recruiter and gives you a glimpse into the world of talent acquisition.

Her expertise in talent acquisition, career development, and personality development is a goldmine for the modern recruiter.

7. The Hiring Success Podcast

Explore the art and science of hiring success with SmartRecruiters' CEO Jerome Ternynck, featuring interviews with industry experts and HR leaders.

8. The Talent Angle

Hosted by Gartner's Scott Engler, this podcast explores the latest trends and innovations in talent management, offering actionable insights for HR professionals and recruiters.

9. The CareerBuilder Podcast

Stay informed about recruitment trends, talent acquisition strategies, and industry news with CareerBuilder's podcast, featuring expert interviews and discussions.

10. HR Uprising

HR Uprising by Lucinda Carney delves into a multitude of HR topics including talent management, setting up new ways of working, recruitment strategy, and more.

11. Recruitment Hackers

The Recruitment Hackers Podcast talks to leaders who have turned recruiting into a long-term competitive edge for their businesses. They explore topics on improving the candidate experience, talent acquisition strategies, and the future of recruitment.

12. The Resilient Recruiter

Mark Whitby’s podcast helps recruiters understand the necessity of building resilience. The podcast hosts an abundance of recruitment agency owners who offer strategies and tips to help recruiters stay motivated and bounce back from setbacks.

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