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May 18, 2024

Tech job title search strings

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

In the ever-evolving world of tech recruitment, finding the perfect candidate can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Here, we delve into the art of crafting powerful tech search strings, the secret weapon that unlocks the hidden pool of top tech talent.

What are search strings?

Search strings are specific combinations of keywords and Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) used in advanced searches on online platforms like LinkedIn, job boards, and even social media.

These strings act as filters, helping you narrow down a vast candidate pool to candidates with the precise skills and experience that you’re looking for.

Building search strings

Here's a breakdown of the key elements for crafting powerful tech search strings:

  • Start with core skills: Identify the essential technical skills required for the position. Think programming languages (e.g., Python, Java), frameworks (e.g., React, Angular), and specific technologies (e.g., AWS, Azure).

  • Leverage Boolean operators: Refine your search by using AND, OR, and NOT operators. AND narrows results requiring all specified terms (e.g., "Python AND Machine Learning"). OR broadens results including any of the terms (e.g., "Java OR Python"). NOT excludes unwanted terms (e.g., "Java developer NOT junior").

  • Consider experience level: Include keywords like "Senior," "Mid-Level," or "Entry-Level" to target candidates with the desired experience range.

  • Think location: If location is a factor, incorporate city names or regions using quotation marks (e.g., "San Francisco" OR "remote").

  • Utilize titles and certifications: Search for relevant job titles or industry certifications indicating specific skill sets (e.g., "Software Engineer" OR "AWS Certified Solutions Architect").

Advanced search string techniques

  • Proximity Search: Use quotation marks around phrases to find candidates with those exact terms in their profile (e.g., "Full Stack Developer").
  • Wildcards: Utilize asterisks () to find variations of a term (e.g., Develop to find "Developer," "Development," or "Developing").
  • Company Filters: Refine your search by including or excluding previous employers to target specific talent pools.

Examples of tech search strings

Here are a few examples of search strings for the tech industry:

Core programming languages & technologies

  • "Software Engineer" (Java OR Python OR C++)
  • "Full Stack Developer" (JavaScript OR TypeScript)
  • "Backend Engineer" (Node.js OR Ruby on Rails OR Django)
  • "Frontend Developer" (HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript)
  • "DevOps Engineer" (AWS OR Azure OR GCP)

Advanced skills & frameworks

  • Software Engineer AND (Machine Learning OR Deep Learning) AND Python

  • "Mobile Developer" (iOS OR Android) AND (Swift OR Kotlin)

  • "Blockchain Engineer" AND (Solidity OR Hyperledger Fabric)

  • "Full Stack Developer" AND (React OR Angular OR Vue.js) AND GraphQL

Combining skills & experience

  • ( "Senior Software Engineer" OR "Lead Software Engineer" ) AND (Java OR Python) AND 5+ years experience

  • "Full Stack Developer" AND (React OR Angular) AND "San Francisco Bay Area"

  • "DevOps Engineer" AND CI/CD AND Docker AND "remote"

Boolean operator examples

  • "Software Engineer" AND Java (Finds engineers with "Software Engineer" in their title AND Java skills)

  • "Software Engineer" OR "Developer" (Finds both "Software Engineer" and "Developer" titles)

  • Software Engineer NOT "Junior" (Excludes junior-level engineers from the search)


  • Experiment: No single search string is a magic bullet. Experiment with different combinations and refine based on results.
  • Combine search strings: Utilize multiple search strings to target different talent pools and broaden your reach.
  • Stay updated: Tech skills and platforms evolve rapidly. Keep your search strings current and relevant to the latest trends.

By mastering the art of tech search strings, you can transform your recruiting efforts.

You'll unlock a treasure trove of qualified candidates, saving time and ensuring you find the perfect tech talent to propel your company forward.

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