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February 14, 2023

How Paraform became an essential part of Sparsh’s recruitment arsenal

Sparsh Didwania
AVP at Hamlyn Williams
Role filled

For the last couple years, Sparsh has been part of a recruiting agency called Hamlyn Willians specializing in technology, financial services, and life sciences industries. He has a technical background with a degree in mathematics and computer science and worked as a software engineer early in his career which helps him evaluate technical talent.

What Sparsh had to say about recruiting on Paraform

I've been using Paraform for my recruitment needs, and it has truly exceeded my expectations in several ways.

Firstly, the quality of clients on the platform is remarkable. Working primarily with small, innovative startups aligns perfectly with my focus, and it's a pleasure to engage with companies working on cutting-edge products and solutions.

The platform's UI deserves special mention. Its user-friendliness makes navigating the platform a breeze. Plus, the direct communication channel with hiring managers is a game-changer, enabling quick and efficient messaging.

The commission structure on Paraform is fantastic. Getting paid within just 14 days is a fantastic perk, and the additional bonuses for interview progression serve as strong motivators for me to excel in my role.

Most importantly, the support and communication from the Paraform team have been exceptional. Their guidance and platform features have made onboarding seamless, and it's clear they are committed to helping users succeed.

In summary, Paraform has become an indispensable tool in my recruitment arsenal due to its quality clients, user-friendly interface, attractive commission structure, and outstanding support from the founders.

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