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January 28, 2024

How to scale your recruiting agency

Matt Soper
Founder @ Gro

Matt’s a successful recruiter with a background in consulting. Matt’s previous experience in recruiting lies as a Principal for StartupTAP, an agency that specializes in helping fast-growing companies scale. Most recently, Matt founded his own agency, Gro, focusing on connecting early-to-mid stage startups with the best talent.


How did you first find out about Paraform?

"I first found out about Paraform on LinkedIn. The idea appealed to me because: 1) I could make more placements on top of the clients I already work with and 2) I thought I could be good at it since I’ve been recruiting for early stage startups my entire career."

Matt has always focused on early stage recruiting - making Paraform an ideal platform to continue his work. Not only could Matt focus on hiring for the most exciting early stage startups on the platform, but also work flexibly, on multiple roles at once, as well as build up his own candidate database.

To Matt, Paraform isn’t just another platform with a job description and a request to fill roles. Paraform allows recruiters to dive into the core values of the company and read between the lines through all their features, enabling recruiters to identify the exact type of candidate that would thrive in a role.

Hightouch Intake Call on Paraform
Hightouch Intake Call on Paraform

"The beauty of Paraform, especially with these kickoff meetings, is you get a deeper dive under the hood and see who the hiring managers really are as they share their story, you get a sense of how ready they are to actually grow."

This makes not only the search easier, but the scope more specific for ideal candidates which reduces the friction between sourcing candidates and what hiring managers are looking for.

Matt’s Advice for recruiters new to Paraform

Matt attributes his success in Paraform to this very thing - the ability to understand the nuances of a role by having a great relationship with the hiring manager through the intake calls and built-in messenger.

Recruiter Chat
Recruiter Chat

Some advice he shared for new recruiters joining:

Being an independent recruiter (or agency owner) requires a lot of grit and the right attitude, especially when it comes to helping early stage startups - it is not an easy gig.

However, there is something incredibly rewarding about it. This may be a bit cliche but I think you also need some type of passion to do a really good job. When recruiting for an early stage startup you have to actually believe in the company and its potential.

This all starts with choosing the right client. I remember back when I worked at an agency, I didn't get that much of a choice. It's different now that I'm running my agency. Same on Paraform - you have the freedom to choose which clients to work with, and they are all very high growth companies.

If you choose the right client, after meeting the founders or someone on the team, you start to see why the stakes are so high. Hiring makes or breaks startups. You want to get the candidate so excited that you build momentum in the interview process and ultimately make things happen.

This will all show in your outreach message and when you hop on screening calls with candidates.

Paraform has now become a place for Matt to scale his already successful recruiting agency.

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