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May 2, 2023

How Paraform gives Brooke the flexibility to recruit on her own terms

Brooke Lacina
Self-Employed Freelance Recruiter
Role filled

Brooke is currently a self-employed freelance recruiter consulting and contracting with tech startups. Previously she was a talent partner at Kindred (Travel seed stage startup), Level (series B Fintech startup), Vanna Health (series A Healthcare startup), and Lime (e-bike startup acquired by Uber).

What first got you into recruiting?

How I got into recruiting was actually quite unexpected. I didn't plan on becoming a recruiter, and I don't think most recruiters do - I know so many people just kind of fall into it. In college I studied fashion merchandising and I went to a recruiting agency to seek their help in finding my next job but instead, they offered me a freelance position. I accepted and got to see the ins and outs of the recruiting world, and I realized how much I loved it.

The first person I successfully placed made me realize the impact I could have on someone's life by connecting them with opportunities they may not have known about. It felt really good to help them through the process. And on the client side, it's also exciting to find and bring in talented individuals who can make a significant impact on their business. I find joy in both aspects of recruiting.

I have about total 9 years of experience. Started at an agency and then worked in-house before transitioning to more of a consulting role, working with clients here and there.

How did you first find out about Paraform?

I think I was on Google just searching for freelance recruiting stuff when I first found Paraform.

I noticed that there were a few clients who had similar needs and requirements so, I thought that targeting a broader group of candidates might increase my chances of filling the role successfully. I reached out to them and scheduled phone calls to understand their strengths and experience, and then matched them with suitable opportunities. I made sure to mention specific companies or projects related to their interests to grab their attention and generate excitement.

From there I started doing more specific searches and became a regular on the platform.

What do you think are the pros and cons of Paraform?

The flexibility is a major plus for me because the effort I put in directly correlates to the output I get. I appreciate being able to choose the clients (startups) I work with. I also have the freedom to work whenever I want, even on weekends. That's a huge benefit for me.

Additionally, I love the variety of positions available. If I feel stuck or in a rut, switching to a different client or type of role can be refreshing. Having that variety of options is something I truly enjoy.


Yeah, I mean, when it comes to clients, they often have high expectations and are looking for that star candidate. It can be challenging at times, and I've experienced some rejections. However, it's important to reassess whether the candidate truly meets all the client's needs.

This is why I always schedule calls with candidates to ask them specific questions and dig deeper into their skill sets and culture fit. I find that simply asking if they're interested via email isn't enough. By getting on the phone with them, I can better assess if they're the right fit for the role.

It's crucial to ensure that the candidates I present to the client stand out and fulfill all the requirements. Otherwise, it's just a waste of time. So, my recommendation is to really make sure the candidates stand out to you - like would you want to hire this person on your team?

One tip: try to present candidates that also meets all the nice-to-haves and not just the must-haves. That will immediately put your candidate in the top 5% of the candidate pipeline and dramatically increate your chances of filling the role”


There was a slight issue Brooke had to deal with where her candidate got hired but the company thought the candidate applied directly via their website?

Yes, there was. When I first found out that the candidate was hired there was a confusion with the company’s chief of staff because my candidate also filled out the job application on the company’s website.

I was concerned that I wouldn’t get any credit after putting in all the work but thankfully the Paraform support team promptly resolved the issue by providing submission timestamps etc to the client.

It’s good to have a candidate backdoor insurance since these things can happen often in our line of work.

Any final words recommending Paraform to other recruiters & agencies?

The biggest impression I have of the platform is ‘things update very quickly’.

Every time I visit, I discover something new. Like, "Oh wow, they added this!" I can tell you talk to a lot of recruiters and you really pay attention to what they want and add these features in quickly.

I love that I have a one-stop shop where I can review candidates, see who's pending, and track interviews, all specific to each client. It's great that it changes depending on the client. The platform is super user-friendly and easy to understand. I can easily see my pipeline and know how many candidates are in the interviewing or review stage. I also noticed there is a sourcing feature in beta mode and I'm curious to learn more!

Overall, I love how well thought out everything is. It's so easy to find information about the company, including their website and press highlights. I also appreciate that I can see feedback from others and understand why certain candidates were passed on. I always look at that information.

I think you guys are doing an amazing job. Honestly, I don't know of anything else out there like it. I would recommend it to all my friends.

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