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March 19, 2024

How Cheri made 2 placements in 1 week on Paraform

Cheri (Kruger) Muhle
Global Talent Partner @ Kruger Recruiting

Cheri is a freelance recruiter and Global Talent Partner at her company, Kruger Recruiting. She has a great network and over 15 years of experience connecting technical candidates with great companies. Recently, Cheri set a new record at Paraform by making two placements in one week! First, a Senior Software Engineer for Aspire (Influencer Marketing Platform) and second, a Staff Software Engineer for Sailes (Artificial Intelligence; Series A).

In this article, Cheri shares her story and reviews Paraform.

How did you hear about Paraform?

I was on LinkedIn and saw that you were looking for freelance recruiters. And at the time, I had just started my freelance recruiting company full-time.

First joining, I was kind of amazed at the amount of jobs that were actively recruiting.

As a recruiter, the hardest part of having a freelance business is finding business. The best recruiters are the ones that are able to dedicate their time to actually recruiting and not making sales or things like that.

So, Paraform allowed me to focus on recruiting and having a pulse on the engineering market.

What was it like starting out on Paraform?

October and November were slow, but candidates are hesitant to start new roles around that time and companies tend to feel the same way. I spent a couple months sending over a few candidates and getting a sense of the hiring cycle on the Paraform platform.

Even though I wasn’t getting hires yet, I was submitting standout candidates and I think that made an impact on my ability to be seen as a strong recruiter for companies.

By the time January came around, I had already gained a sort of reputation for putting strong candidates out there. So when the cycle picked up post-holiday, I was getting a lot more clients to work with.

One of the roles that Cheri hired for.
One of the roles that Cheri hired for.

Any feedback about the platform?

It’s been really great. The Paraform team is good about iterating on ideas and kind of a “fail fast” sort of mentality. So we get to try out a lot of things.

What’s been extra motivating is that the rewards have also been just better.

If you find someone within the first 45 days, typically there’s a Paraform bonus, which is great. And yeah, it usually takes 45 days or less.

What’s your favorite feature?

The shareable link for the job description has been incredible. I incorporated that into all of my messaging because it’s a one stop shop for candidates to go to and actually see the job.

Easily share roles with candidates.
Easily share roles with candidates.

Which is, you know, half of your job as a recruiter – finding the talent then convincing them to talk to you.

Any tips for recruiters new to Paraform?

Really just listening to the hiring manager. Listening to them and understanding.

It’s really about not reinventing the wheel when it comes to recruiting. It’s just over-communicate, over-understand the position, and just keep going like that.

When you talk to the right person, you know. You know you know.

Looking forward to helping many more candidates and companies connect on Paraform :)

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