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November 28, 2023

How Beam hired their Mechanical Design Engineer in 3 weeks

Raj Tilwa
Co-founder @ Beam

Beam is on a mission to revolutionize and decarbonize how we heat people.

They are building a smart, high-efficiency, revolutionary heating system that flips the orthodoxy of one-size-fits-all solutions that heat entire spaces as a way to heat people.

The founders have experiences across engineering, design, and public policy, at Tesla, Zoox, Deloitte and others. They recently closed their first institutional capital round, where they brought on some of the best climate tech investors in the world.

Raj is the co-founder of Beam - he used Paraform to hire their Mechanical Design Engineer in 3 weeks.

Before we discovered Paraform, our hiring process was somewhat hit or miss. Sure, we'd post on LinkedIn and work with traditional recruiters, but the quality of candidates we saw was inconsistent. After onboarding to Paraform, the improvements were striking.

Raj's main goal was to find a platform that could significantly expand their pool of possible candidates. Paraform appeared to be the perfect fit. "We were looking for a platform that could help us find candidates that we wouldn't have otherwise found."

Because Paraform already had a network of experienced mechanical engineer recruiters, Raj was quickly matched with recruiters who had the right experience and expertise. "We were able to find recruiters who had experience in the exact field we were looking for."

What impressed Raj the most wasn't just the quantity, but the quality. "The pain point we were trying to solve for was having the biggest pool from which we could select from" And Paraform delivered precisely on that front.

Raj also appreciated the user-friendly nature of the dashboard to manage recruiters. He found it to be especially beneficial for collaboration. "Everything is in one place and it's easy to see how recruiters are performing." Raj said. "It's also easy to communicate with them and provide feedback."

Through Paraform's vetted recruiters and workforce management platform, Raj was able to hire with ease. "We were able to hire a Mechanical Design Engineer in 3 weeks, which is incredibly fast for a hardware role."

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