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January 7, 2024

Excited to partner with HireEZ!

John Kim
Co-founder @ Paraform

A lot of recruiters and sourcers know hireEZ as a powerful outbound recruiting tool, but it's perhaps most well known for highly accurate personal email data.

Unlike sales outbound, for recruiting, you don't really contact work emails. Some companies even block recruiting emails to retain talent longer. So being the leader in finding personal emails is a significant competitive advantage for hireEZ.

Any recruiter with an active Paraform account will be eligible for a discount to hireEZ through this partnership! More details here:

One of the most important role of startup founders is to recruit the right talent. Hiring your first few engineers are crucible moments that define your company, and can make or break your startup.

When we partner with other recruiting tools, we make $0 in affiliate revenue, although partners offer (even encourage) it all the time.

We instead opt for a discount for our users because to us, we see being a recruiter on Paraform as a competitive advantage, and it already is to many:

In his partnership has been a long time coming. Thank you Viktor Berglind, Vu Thai, Joshua Linville, and the hireEZ team for pushing this forward with us!

Also very special to us because Jeffrey Li and I first started Paraform by hacking together our V0.1 product with hireEZ + twitter API + google sheets + slack - fun times!

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