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November 28, 2023

Making his first SDR hire on Paraform in 2 weeks

Bobby Farrell
Freelance recruiter

Meet Bobby, a seasoned recruiter with a background in sales. Bobby previous recruited for a recruiting agency specialized in hiring Top Sales Talent. He recently helped Atomus hire their first SDR within the first weeks of joining Paraform.

I often found it challenging to find clients and navigate through cluttered marketplace platforms. However, everything changed when I discovered Paraform and has since become my go-to platform for recruiting.


Upon discovering Paraform, Bobby felt a wave of relief. It was the first marketplace platform of its kind that he had come across, instantly standing out from other options. What truly impressed him was that Paraform was a marketplace that specialized in connecting recruiters with tech start-ups.

Paraform offered a host of features that streamlined Bobby's recruiting process. Acting as both an applicant tracking system and a client CRM, simplifying the entire process—from onboarding clients to understanding their needs and presenting candidates. It was a comprehensive solution designed specifically for recruiters like him.

Among the array of recruiter-designed features, Bobby's favorite was the interview stages. This provided a quick overview of where things stood in the recruitment process, fostering transparency and enabling efficient decision-making. The Candidate Digest also offered insights into client preferences and requirements, making it easier for Bobby to identify the perfect match.

Finding success

In just a few weeks, Bobby had success—a quick hire for the first role he started recruiting for. This was a pleasant surprise, considering he was used to recruiting processes taking months. With his sales background, Bobby understood Atomus’s needs and crafted a compelling case for candidates to join.

While Bobby acknowledges Paraform's impressive functionality and effectiveness, he also recognizes its continuous growth and improvement. The dedicated team behind Paraform actively seeks user feedback and regularly implements enhancements to improve the experience for both recruiters and clients. As a recruiter, Bobby has witnessed their responsiveness firsthand and confidently believes that the platform will evolve and become even better over time.

For Bobby, Paraform has been a game-changer—an innovative platform that has not only simplified his recruiting processes but also helped him achieve remarkable results. With its intuitive interface, streamlined features, and commitment to continuous improvement, Paraform has undoubtedly earned its place as Bobby's go-to platform for recruiting.

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