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PorterLogic is a small but mighty team of dreamers and doers, hackers and builders who are transforming the supply chain software industry. They have deep industry expertise and have spent years building and implementing software in the supply chain industry.

Funded by premier investors and supported by a leading startup accelerator, PorterLogic ( is building the software of the future for supply chains. It’s no secret traditional supply chain solutions are outdated, bloated, and inflexible.

Anya is the chief operating officer at PorterLogic - she used Paraform to help hire their Senior Solutions

Before we discovered Paraform, our hiring process was somewhat hit or miss. Sure, we'd post on LinkedIn and work with traditional recruiters, but the quality of candidates we saw was inconsistent. After onboarding to Paraform, the improvements were striking.

Before Paraform, what were some of the hiring problems you were facing?

We were not getting quality candidates from job posting sites (primarily LinkedIn and AngelList) and our personal outreach efforts were falling short. We had a key mid-level position we needed to fill quickly but we could not relax any of our requirements to get it filled faster.

What was the most important reason you decided to use Paraform?

We needed a recruiter to find candidates, however I did not want to commit to just one agency, since I've had mixed results before. Paraform deployed multiple recruiters on my behalf. For me I saw it as low-risk, low-effort, and high output.

Which feature did you find most valuable?

The screening criteria and the background they ask you to fill out for the position. It gave the recruiters a great sense of what we wanted, and allowed them to screen people effectively. We had very particular criteria, so that filtered out through the noise.

How quickly did you realize business value?

The value was almost immediate. From the very first week I was receiving an average of ~5 qualified candidates a week and moving a majority of them forward to an interview. Prior to Paraform I was receiving less than 1 qualified candidate a week.

Was Paraform better than working with a recruiting agency? If so, how was it better?

Yes, because I got to work with multiple recruiters who all had different networks. I've had mixed experience with agencies before - they are only as good as the recruiter you get, and their output can vary. With Paraform's model I got to work with the best recruiters who had a network and experience filling that particular position, so it filtered through the noise much more.

Have you enjoyed working with the recruiters on Paraform?

Absolutely. They were all incredibly professional, responsive, and worked hard to find candidates that would be a fit for the role.

How was working with the Paraform team? Were they able to provide quick/good support?

Paraform's team is the perfect balance of serviceability and care. They set me up in under a day, including the company profile, the job posting, the screening criteria, the slack channel, and the automated introduction emails. I was extremely impressed at the quickness of their responses.

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