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February 28, 2024

5 Traits of Highly Effective Recruiting Teams: Agency Edition

Devashree Sanjay Idnani
Recruitment Consultant @ Solve

Devashree is a technical recruiter with a passion for helping talented individuals find their dream jobs and helping companies build exceptional teams. She's an expert in helping fast-growing tech companies in the US hire product talent and previously built a marketplace connecting the top 2% of tech talent with tech companies in India.

Fun fact: before she became a recruiter, she did marketing & communications at Rolls-Royce!


Devashree, Sameer, and their team at and Solve have been on Paraform since 2023 working on 20+ roles on the platform so far.

We connected with Devashree to dive deeper into her success on Paraform.

She recently placed a Mechanical Design Engineer for Beam, a startup building smart all-electric outdoor heating designed for restaurants and hospitality.

Beam was looking for a passionate, growth-oriented person who’s excited to wear many hats, and do what is needed to ship a revolutionary product working alongside the founders.

She found and submitted a unique candidate and Beam hired him quickly thereafter. Here’s Devashree’s story on the hire and her experience on Paraform.

The most effective way to work with hiring managers

Here's how Devashree explains what it's like working with clients on Paraform:

"The requirements for the job were laid out really well! The clients fill out an extensive brief about everything they are looking for. It was really straightforward and made it easy for me to identify the right candidate quickly."

Sourcing tips and recruiting advice from hiring managers
Sourcing tips and recruiting advice from hiring managers

Quickly understanding what hiring managers are looking for and being able to translate into the search is a huge competitive advantage:

"So before I even spoke to any candidates I knew exactly who I was looking for, and when I clicked on their profile, I already knew that this would be a great match."

"The hiring process with Beam couldn't have been more clear. Once I got the job brief, everything was laid out for me, I didn’t need to communicate much with the hiring manager too much apart from a couple of questions."

Interview Process
Interview Process

How did you fill the role?

Once you understand the requirements, it becomes relatively easy for you to identify the right candidate. The candidate who eventually got hired was the only candidate Devashree submitted.

"Thanks to Raj (one of Beam's co-founders) being very clear with what he wanted, I was that confident the candidate I submitted was the right person."

Here's an end-to-end breakdown of Devashree's placement:

  • She reached out to approximately ~30 candidates.
  • Based on responses and additional filtering, she shortlisted 5 finalists.
  • She interviewed all 5 finalists and it became clear to her who the strongest candidate was.
  • There was a slight disconnect when it came to the comp as the candidate was initially looking for more than what the company was willing to offer.
  • However, Devashree identified traits in the candidate's personality that told her that even if the offer was slightly less, as long as the work was interesting, and the candidate got to be on the ground floor of a startup, they'd love it.
  • She just needed to get the candidate to speak with Beam to make this happen.
  • Her top choice candidate got hired after a 2.5 weeks interview process.

How did you know your candidate would be the right fit?

After seeing the job listing on Paraform, Devashree was able to understand which attributes the client places more value on.

The candidate Devashree placed was someone who had everything Beam was looking for a doctorate + worked on special projects at top tier product shops like Apple and Oculus. The candidate also worked as a freelancer where they did multiple designs for startups and had 5+ design patents.

"That kind of struck me as okay, this candidate is a serious innovator and since they worked with multiple startups, I felt they would appreciate being on the founding team again. So that was something that stood out from the others on my shortlist"

How are you finding Paraform?

"It's a great platform, I really enjoy recruiting on it. You made it pretty seamless and easy to talk to ‌clients and the search requirements are detailed out very nicely. There are also a lot of interesting features that reduces our operational overhead and makes recruiting much more enjoyable!"

Recruiter Resources
Recruiter Resources

"Usually, when you’re trying to fill a role, you have to speak with the client multiple times to understand what all the requirements are, the type of kind of candidate that they're looking for‌, and what makes a good fit for them.

On Paraform, you can get all that information instantly and only engage with hiring managers to fill a few missing gaps. It saves time for both sides and lets you focus on what's important - that's a huge plus."

Devashree and her team are continuing to help companies on Paraform build incredible teams!

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