March 20th, 2023
How Paraform changed the way Angie thinks about recruiting
Angie Alberston
Senior Technical Recruiter at Slack
Angie is currently a Senior Technical Recruiter at Slack with 6+ years of technical recruiting experience. Previously she was a Technical Recruiter at Vacasa and Randstad and curently also freelance recruits on Paraform.
Here’s what Angie had to say about Paraform:
“At first, I was skeptical about Paraform's platform and freelance work having experienced staffing and staffing platforms in the past. It was always difficult to feel a sense of ownership or belonging to the companies I'd recruit for and represent. Having been a Paraform user for the last few weeks, here are some of my findings that made them different, more personable, and made the recruiting process rewarding and exciting.”
How has the communication and support been on Paraform?
“The Paraform team is there to support you, especially through the onboarding and ramp up process. There are a lot of useful documents they've created to get you going to find the right candidates for their niche early startup client base. They leverage Slack for streamline communication, their platform is very user friendly and you actually have the ability to interact directly with the founders who are hiring. Paraform has done a great job at ensuring their clients/founders give detailed information about their product, mission, team, and specifics on what they are hiring for. When reviewing the roles, there is a sense of ownership and thorough understanding. Paraform makes referring talent to startups far less alienating but the client typically takes over with their interview process after the candidate is submitted to a role. Startup clients will keep you updated with general progress and feedback and for someone who likes to refer talent but not manage the interview process, it's a great experience.”
How was it navigating and using the platform?
“You can review the number of candidates interviewing per role, who is hiring aggressively, when roles are paused or filled, and the team at Paraform will Slack you additional information such as feedback on prior candidates to help you with your assigned dashboard roles. You can also easily identify the placement fees you'd be compensated, where your candidates are at in the process, and track how much you have made in placement fees. They welcome feedback to make the platform and process better and are quick to make updates. All recruiters have ratings so startups can identify the overall submission quality we are giving. Personally I think it also helps Paraform’s reputation since recruiters do their best to submit quality candidates to keep their high 5 star ratings.”
How was the candidate experience?
“My experience was that the candidate review process took 1-2 days, and decision to move forward with additional interviews was within 48 hours. The startup clients take over managing the interview process once you have submitted your candidate for an opportunity. I get updates about the candidate but it's hands off from there and on to my other searches.”
Any final thoughts?
“There is compensation when your candidates pass the first interview round and the placement/bounty fees are generous per hire. Anything between 5-25k per hire. Overall I am pretty satisfied with my overall freelance recruiter experience as a user of Paraform. John and his team have made really great connections in the startup space and if you're a scrappy recruiter, Paraform sets you up for success to make a decent amount of placement fees.”
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